Mountain Mama Madness

Photos & Quotes

Cozy yet spacious bunkhouse with beds for all!

“Kathy, thank you for your amazing humor and graciousness in hosting all of us into the wee hours of the morning….thank you for sharing your wonderful universe with me. I believe your smiles say everything that needs to be said.”

“Thank you all for the wonderful heart-felt experience. I felt empowered, engaged, and un-inhibited.”

“Kari is a wonderful teacher, singer, songwriter . . . person! I feel blessed to have had this opportunity.”

“A special thanks to Kari for so humbly sharing your incredible talent and for being so patient and encouraging as we all seek our own voice.”

“Kathy’s cabin sits in a beautiful spot that emanates energy refreshing any who is fortunate enough to be there. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“My first Mountain Mama singing workshop exceeded all my expectations! Not only did I learn a lot about singing, but I laughed, cried (from laughing), enjoyed the beauty of the Georgia highlands, bonded with a sisterhood of ya yas came out of my shell and sang my heart out to the bears, deer, trees and hills. Oh yeah, I ate very well too. It’s not just about the music, I came away with so much more – I feel re-juvinated, re-born, re-laxed, and will re-peat and re-turn to this re-treat!”